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Calculate Elapsed Time
of Events In Your Videos!

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Add a Stopwatch Over a
Video of a Recorded Event!

Set the starting point

Set the ending point(s)

Calculates the elapsed time(s)

What is Video Stopwatch?

Use a Stopwatch Over Your Video

Have video of a 100 meter sprint or any other event and want to know the elapse time of the event after the video was recorded? Enter Video Stopwatch. Just load your video into Video Stopwatch and scrub to the point you want to set the exact starting and ending point(s) of your event. You can set multiple ending points such as the case in a race where multiple people finish the race at different times. When each person crosses the finish line you would set an individual ending point. Video Stopwatch will then calculate the exact elapse time(s). Use Video Stopwatch for any kind of race or event captured on video in which you would like to calculate an elapse time. The uses are endless!

Add Media

After launching Video Stopwatch, choose to either load an existing video from your video library or choose the camera and record a live video and then import the video into Video Stopwatch.

Set Stopwatch

Once you have loaded your video into Video Stopwatch you can scrub to the precise location in your video to set your starting and ending point(s) for the stopwatch.

Show Results

Once you have set your starting and ending points, you can click on the results icon to show your elapsed time(s). Use Video Stopwatch for any kind of race or event captured on video to calculate an elapsed time!

Video Stopwatch Screenshots
Download Video Stopwatch

Download Video Stopwatch now for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  Requires iOS 7.0 or later.

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